We Indians do not have a home minister , this man whatsoever shah his name is, is irresponsible , ruthless, reckless and uneducated selfish person divider in chief.

Whenever people are in crisis he never responds, he hides . Last year when Mazdoors walked home bare foot kids, pregnent women walked miles without food and water supply, some were killed on railway tracks this man was no where to be seen..

Immediately after few days he was out of his den in MP election.

He is inhuman person in a leadership position a big blot in the name of Home minister . An election rally monger , he feeds hungry poor man with a LED TV hung on a Tree and makes them forget pain by luring into false promises .

He is never answerable to people of his nation, till when are we singing lullaby to appease him— awwww amisha cutie goon come take away all our social harmony and peace of minds and destroy as much as you want , how much one shall stay silent and suffer in a hush.

Why is home minister so shameless, where is he again, what is he doing , why no press conference consoling his own people , why is public not angry, why are not we seeing them responsible for such a fiasco that india is going through ?

Pragya Mishra